How To Be Creative In Handwriting

Creative writing exercises are not just for children learning to handwrite for the first time. Adults can definitely benefit from practicing a few new approaches to handwriting. If you want to improve the appearance of your writing, you should learn a few exercises that can quickly get you on the right track, whether you want to translate your skills into a career or just yearn to have more legible handwriting.

Use Creative Writing Exercises to Break Bad Habits

Believe it or not, you should not be letting your fingers do most of the work when you write. Instead, you should more so be using other muscle groups, such as your shoulders and forearms. Moving these areas of the body more than your fingers can create a greater flow as you write, rather than sloppy scrawls on the page. Most people assume their fingers should do be doing most of the “heavy lifting” in handwriting, but putting the shoulders and forearms to work while writing should create a more elegant result.

One of the most creative writing exercises to improve your handwriting style consists of simply writing a paragraph on paper. The content does not matter, as you should be paying attention to the method you use to write, the fundamentals. If your shoulders and arms stay mostly still, but you frequently pick up your hand and fingers as you write, you may need to change your method. You will find that once you let other muscles take over, you can write for much longer than before, all without your fingers hurting.

Change the Position of Paper and Pen

Another way to improve your handwriting is to make sure that the paper on which you are writing stays close to you, not far away from where you have to reach for it. Keeping the paper far away not only results in awkward wrist placement, but also bad posture, since you have to slump over the desk to write. One of the easiest creative writing exercises is to practice writing while being conscious of the placement of your paper, as well as your overall posture. If you want to write a book and handwrite your produce, well make sure your handwriting is beautiful and understandable.

You should also avoid gripping your pen or pencil too tightly. Not only will your fingers hurt after a while when your grip is too tight, but the letters on the page will be choppy, small and generally hard to read. If you want to make your handwriting elegant, a more relaxed grip can help.

Use Lined Paper to Practice

Most kids learn to write on lined paper, especially the kind with very wide lines, and you should definitely utilize it as well. Get a notebook with the biggest lines you can find, since this lets you clearly see your progress as you get better at handwriting. Start by carefully writing slanted lines, Xs and Os, as these figures make up handwriting. Write these over and over, and when you are satisfied that they finally look neat and tend to flow, you can start creating words out of the shapes.

You can begin by writing your name repeatedly until you are happy with the outcome. Try to keep proper posture the whole time, keeping your fingers loose and your paper close to you. Focus on using your forearms and shoulders to provide most of the movement rather than your fingers. You should start to see and feel improvement when you practice these creative writing exercises, which means that your writing will look good and your hands will not feel worn out.

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