EPGY Stanford – An Accredited Online High school for Gifted Students

There are a growing number of schools that can be considered an accredited online high school and many of them are very good. They offer students that did not do so well at a traditional school a chance to get their high school diploma. There is one accredited online high school that is a little different though. Firstly, the EPGY Online High School is actually aimed at gifted and talented students and secondly, it is based at, and run by, the prestigious Stanford University.

Who Would Attend EPGY Accredited Online High School?

Given the vast size and often limited resources available at public high schools, it is just as easy for a gifted student to get lost and not fulfill their real potential as it is for a student who struggles academically. Often teachers do not have the time to help talented students grow even further as they have to focus their attention on others not doing so well.

The EPGY Accredited Online High School was founded to provide gifted and talented students with the kind of education they really deserve, wherever they may live in the country.

The EPGY school originally catered only to children in grades 10-12 but has since been expanded to cover grades 7-9 as well, allowing gifted middle school age children to get a head start on their high school work.

The coursework is not easy, as one might expect and is designed to improve not only a student’s basic academic skills but their independence, confidence and time management skills as well.

Can You Attend EPGY OHS and a “Real School” at the Same Time?

There are many options for enrollment at Stanford’s EPGY-accredited online high school. Students can be enrolled full time, getting all of their high school education online via the school. Many others though use the EPGY online high school to supplement their regular high school classes, to provide them with that extra challenge they need.

Students can even choose to enroll for the summer months only when other high schools are not in session or just for a single course in which they are interested.

The Admissions Process for EPGY OHS

Since it is a school, online or not, geared towards the brightest students from across the country the applications process, even for a single course schedule, is rather rigorous. Prospective students must supply (or allow access to) their current school records as well as provide information about their academic achievements, hopes, and dreams in their own words. They must also include at least one recommendation for a teacher who has taught them in the past. There is a $50 fee required to submit the application.

Attendance Costs for the EPGY accredited Online High School

To attend the school on what is considered a full-time basis the current cost is stated by the school’s website at around $15,500. Part-time admission – three courses or less – is $9, 600 and a single course admission costs $3,650. The school also, as previously mentioned offers summer sessions for high school students at the cost of $3,900. These prices are estimates.

You can learn all about the school by visiting the official website at  epgy.stanford.edu

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