What do Study-Abroad-Beijing Programs Really Have to Offer?

A great many people, not just the younger ones, are attracted to the idea of studying abroad. While some set their sights on the countries of Europe more adventurous souls are beginning to look a little further afield for their foreign educational experience. One of the destinations gaining popularity all the time to study abroad, Beijing is a perfect example.

Why Study Abroad in Beijing?

Beijing is possibly China’s most vibrant and modern city, set as it is to be a major financial center in the 21st century. For those interested in pursuing a career in the financial world a study abroad Beijing program offers an insight into the way that modern China is doing business with the rest of the world. All around the city new buildings are springing up as Beijing positions itself to take a larger role on the world stage.

Despite the fact that it has become so very modern, Beijing still offers foreigners an amazing and unprecedented look into life in Asia thousands of years ago. For those whose interests gravitate toward the historical a study abroad, Beijing program goes beyond fascinating.

The Forbidden City remains a stunning history lesson on the era of China’s ancient emperors and the opulent surroundings they lived in, including the gorgeous palaces, lush gardens, stunning courtyards, and charming pavilions. Sadly many of the original structures have had to be rebuilt after being damaged by war, neglect and the weather. Rebuilt or not though it is still an unbelievable place to spend some time.

The Forbidden City is not the only history and culture lesson available around the city or for those who opt to study abroad in Beijing though. The city is home to a number of China’s most symbolic attractions including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Tiantan Park, the Lama Temple, and the Summer Palace.

How to Find a Study Abroad Beijing Program

One of the best places to start searching for a study abroad in Beijing program is, you guessed it, the internet. Sites like studyabroad.com showcase dozens of different programs available to foreign students who wish to study in Beijing. In addition to more traditional language-based study programs, you can also find a number of volunteer and internship opportunities that can give you real-life work experience in China as well as the chance to engage in formal study after your high school years.

How Much Will it All Cost?

The costs involved in participating in a study abroad in Beijing program can differ wildly. Some do run into the thousands of dollars but there are ways that interested parties can study abroad in Beijing at a much more reasonable cost.

If you are willing to teach English in Beijing and in other Chinese cities there are a number of excellent programs run by both for-profit and not-for-profit companies who offer to cover most of the expenses associated with travelling to and living in Beijing in return for a willingness to teach the citizens of Beijing English to help them further themselves all over the world as well.

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