I Wrote That Book about GED Prep and Lists

Last week, I drank a lot of coffee. This week, I have drunk a significant amount less. No reason for it, it’s just the way life has happened this week.

I have reached a point in this week – Tuesday, I know – where I’m already exhausted. I have been sitting here for a while, on my couch, watching internet videos when I probably should have been doing homework. I’m lacking motivation, though, and I have also had a strong desire lately to create something new. To write a new post, or book, or song, or scream in a video or something, but there is never any time. Work, school, work, school, homework, work, school, maybe sleep, repeat.

In the midst of all that, I felt like I needed to create something, so here we are. I am creating a post with no foreseeable ending or purpose other than the fact that I wrote something that was not related to my academics.

I’m just going to run through every thought in my mind and digest it or, at the very least, I will write it, and then move on to the next thought. I love to write by hand. I just need to work a little more to make it look professional and interesting.


I wrote that book, The Friendventure, and it has now sold over ten copies, which isn’t horrible, but I’m at a loss for how to market it anymore. I realize the correct demographic is probably elementary teachers and parents of young kids, but I don’t know where to find those social circles. I have limited connections with both, even though I’m studying to be an elementary teacher though my handwriting is still pretty shabby. I poured myself into this book and am lacking the proper resources to market it like I want to… it’s been frustrating. I am remaining positive, though, because it’s only been one month and it’s already sold a fair amount of copies. Good sign, maybe?

I realized recently that all last week I left my house without zipping up my pants. It’s not uncommon to leave the house with unzipped pants, but I feel like it is uncommon to leave that many times without zipping up my pants.

I still watch The Office a lot, like, all the time, homies.

Last week, I stayed up a lot of extra hours Wednesday night in order to get more homework done, and, as the hours droned on, I had more and more deep thoughts to distract me from my work, though my creativity in handwriting improved considerably. I can’t remember many of my deep thoughts from that night, but I do remember feeling really ridiculously blessed at 2 am. Blessed by everyone and everything around me. It was a beautiful feeling that I don’t feel enough.

Kanye’s ego still makes me laugh. Everything I read from/about him is so over-the-top, it’s amusing.

The death penalty sucks. Do we legitimately feel justified in killing someone because they killed someone else? What they did is wrong… but adding wrong and wrong does not equal correct. That’s simple elementary math. I don’t think Jesus would be a very big proponent of the death penalty. God’s got the right to judge like that, not us.

Also, never lose hope. When you’re at the end of your rope, remember Jesus has got your back. Pray to the dude upstairs, because he is up there, waiting to help you back up. Do not ever assume your goals are unimportant or a waste of time. If you want something, go for it – get out there and chase your dreams. Paint your dreams on this Earth, because your time here is limited. So all you writers, keep your writing functional but fashionable at the same time.

The number of dirty coffee mugs on my desk right now probably accurately describes the stress level(s) in my life right now. This comes down to the fundamentals of my skills, especially my underdeveloped handwriting controls.

I went to a wedding at the beginning of March and it was wonderful to see two of my truly incredible friends get married. Being a part of that weekend was amazing. Seeing their love was even more so. I was so blessed by them during the times I have been around them. Josiah and Elysia have loved and cared for me in more ways than I can name.

That’s all I have for now because I am going to dinner and a movie with a bad friend. If you want to use this post as a forum for hateful responses, please don’t. If you still want to after I kindly asked you not to, please direct it to my email inbox.

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