4 Steps to your Best Home Workout

If you’ve chosen to complete a workout without weights out of the gym and possibly in the comfort of your own home we applaud you and offer some tip to make your workout that much more effective and efficient. Below are 4 steps to making your home weight free workout the best that it can be!

1.Pick and Choose your Time

This is the first step and by far one of the most important. Sit down with your calendar, pick the time of say you’ll be exercises, how many days a week and how many times a months. Be realistic and leave time for some rest, but also be prepared to push yourself a bit.

By setting up and cementing when and for how long you’re going to be doing your workout without weights, you’ll be able to stay more consistent and making your workout a priority! To find out what works for YOU to stay healthy check out this post as well.

2.Pick and Choose your Routine

You’ve made time for your workout, now it’s time to choose one. We’ve got some ideas on the website, but there’s also some great body weight resources on the DragonDoor website that can help you pick out your perfect routine. If you’re looking for free resources, check out the free resources at the BodyWeightCulture website. Make sure your workout is suited to you.

3.Leave Time for a Warm Up and Cool Down

Never forget to leave a little time at the beginning and end of your workout to stretch out a bit and either start your workout up or finish it off. It’s extremely hard on the body to go from no movement to 100% so make sure you’re adjusting slowly and getting the most out of your body without risking injury. Five to ten minutes of light stretching or cardio will help smooth over the transition.

4.Eat Right Before and After

Nutrition is key! Make sure you’ve eaten a balanced meal usually an hour to an hour and a half before your workout. You’ll want to have some energy to burn to make sure you’re getting the most out of yourself.

After your workout without weights, a PWO (post-work-out) shake is a great idea to restore some of the nutrients you’ve used during your exercise. Want something simple? Try a banana, water and whey protein. Simple carbohydrates and protein to feed your muscles!

It’s that simple. Try it out for yourself and make sure you’re sticking to a regular habit of exercising. Once you’ve planned it all out, all that’s left for you to do is execute and that’s where the fun begins!

If you’re workout schedule has been spotty, plan ahead. If you’re nervous about injuries, make sure you’re stretching before and after. There’s nothing left, get your best home workout plan started today!

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